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Master Liu Deming


Master Liu is the 5th generation inheritor of the Liu He Zi Ran Men lineage. He began his study of Ziran Kung Fu and Qigong in his teens with Master Hong Zheng Fu and later, with the legendary Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng.


After graduating from Beijing University of Physical Education, Master Liu accepted a teaching post at the famous Shaolin Temple, and then spent 12 years teaching at the Fujian Institute Of Physical Education. Since coming to Australia Master Liu has taught at his own school the Ziranmen Kung Fu Academy and taught for 10 years at Melbourne University Tai Chi and Wu Shu Club. He was the founder of Australia Wu Shu and Tai Chi Practitioners association, previously a lecturer at the Victorian College of the arts and is the head coach of Shaolin temple Wu Shu Training Centre in Australia.


Through his nearly 30 years teaching experience, Master Liu has come to believe that the state of a persons physical and mental health should be the centre point of ones life and that any material properties we may strive for is of secondary importance. He understands that to gain this free mind and spirit, one’s life should be nourished by great philosophy and rooted in culture.


Daoism and Qigong are the two most important disciplines that we can focus on. Through Taoist Tranquility Meditation and Ziran Qigong practices, we can develop inner peace and strength to deal with day-to-day life, help heal mental and physical sicknesses, and find a path towards greater consciousness and happiness. This is called “ Ziran life and spiritual development”.


Master Liu often states ‘If there is space, there is light, if there is light, there is happiness’


Individuals come to qigong and meditation with differing levels of commitment and varied purposes. These range from relaxation to fitness, cultivation of well-being through to direct spiritual training and beyond this, into a life long search and commitment for Taoist immortality, the state of Wuji Dalai (the infinity ocean).


Master Liu actively caters to all levels of interest within his open and relaxed teaching style.



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