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Xing Yi Quan Resources

Allegedly created by General Yue Fei during the Ming dynasty, Xing Yi (also, Hsing I) is one of the most powerful and linear looking of the internal martial arts. Its primary strategy is to aggressively occupy the opponent's territory and is often likened

to rolling over your opponent with a huge iron ball. As an internal art, however, Xing Yi's power is derived from relaxation, focusing the intent (Yi) and the development of internal energy (Qi). It is based on the Daoist philosophy of the 'Wu Xing' or

five elements and uses this framework to devise its defensive and offensive strategies. Master Liu is currently a student of Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru, a renowned expert of Xing Yi from Li Cun Yi's lineage.


Xing Yi Training Methods


San Ti standing meditation

The root and heart of the Xing Yi system. All of Xing Yi's postures and fighting techniques develop from San Ti. Standing meditation develops stamina, correct body posture and relaxation.


Five Element Fists

The five main 'fists' or attacking strategies of Xing Yi, with each fist representing a single element of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Earth.Five Element Link Forms.In these forms the five elemental fists are combined to form a set.


Twelve Animal Forms

The twelve animals forms of Xing Yi are the dragon, tiger, monkey, horse, turtle, chicken, hawk, swallow, snake, tai bird, eagle and bear. Each of the twelve animal forms teach different applications of the five elemental fists. The Xing Yi practitioner practices to capture the 'intent' (Yi) or characteristic of each different animal - for example, the tiger's attack is strong and forceful, pouncing on its prey, whilst the monkey's movements are fast and agile.


Twelve Animals Link Form

This form teaches how to combine the different animal energies or 'intents' in a unified and flowing manner.


Twelve Animals and Five Fists Combined

Known simply as "Xing Yi Quan', this form combines all the techniques and strategies of the five fists and twelve animal styles.


Stable Body Pounding

This two man set is designed to teach the combat applications of Xing Yi.


Xing Yi Weapons

Xing Yi weapons such as the Sword, Saber, Spear, or Staff use the same quality of movement and intent as the empty hand forms. Training with weapons is said to enhance the effectiveness and power of empty hand technique.

Five Element Fists

Linking Fist Form

Five Elements & Linking Fist Form

Xing Yi Applications

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