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Liu He Tang Lang Quan Resources

Liu He Tang Lang Quan (Six Harmonies Praying Mantis Boxing) is the third major school of Praying Mantis Gong Fu along with Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan (Seven Stars Praying Mantis Boxing) and Mei Hua Tang Lang Quan (Plum Blossom Praying Mantis Boxing). Master Liu is currently a student of Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru, a seventh generation inheritor of the Liu He Tang Lang Quan lineage.


The special characteristic of this school is its use of continuous vertical (and sometimes horizontal) circles which permit either striking, trapping or defending. It is not related to Liu He Men boxing but instead shares the same philosophy in regards to structure of its movements (the six harmonies).


The fast vertical 'running hands' allow a range of offensive and defensive techniques. Arm strikes to the opponent can use the edge of the hand or the forearm. If the opponent blocks or parries, the leading (circling) hand may grab while the other continues the attack.


This vertical circle, combined with advancing steps, provides speed and Jin (power). Horizontal circling hands make use of the edge of the palm or the wrist. There are seven empty fist forms in Liu He Tang Lang and one weapon form. Each form has its own characteristic and may be learnt and practised individually.


Liu He Tang Lang Quan Forms

  • Hidden Flower Form

  • Immortal Hand Ax Form

  • Intercepting Hand Circle Form

  • Double Seal Form

  • Short Hammer Form

  • Face the Lamp Form

  • Stick & Stab Form

  • Pure Yang Sword

Liu He Tang Lang Duan Chui
(Short Hammer)

Liu He Tang Lang Duan Chui

Cang Hua - Hidden Flower

Cang Hua - Hidden Flower


Liu He Tang Lang Jian

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