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Shaolin Liu He Men Resources

Liu He Men (Six Harmony Gong Fu) is a branch of Yue style Shaolin Gong Fu (also, Kung fu). It combines soft and hard, internal and external techniques. Liu He is based in the theory of six combinations : internally, cultivate essence, energy and spirit. Externally, cultivate hands, eyes and body. The purpose of this training is to develop an ideal state of health, protect the body's energy and master self defence and retaliation. This leads to a superior level of martial arts skill, total freedom of defence, a healthy body and a long life.


'Eyes go with the mind, Mind goes with the Qi, Qi goes with the Body,
Body goes with
the Hands, Hands go with the Feet, Feet go with the Hips.'


Liu He movement is firm, forceful, steady and accurate. The heads moves like an inquisitive ghost, the chest sinks in defence and extends in attack. The body floats, sinks and soars, jumps like a cat, dodges like a dog, rolls like a rabbit and turns like an eagle. 

'When one part moves, Every part moves,When one part is still, Every part is still,Move when the enemy moves, Move like an avalanche.'


Liu He Men was the style practiced by Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng before he took up Zi Ran Men. However Wan Lai Sheng also continuously developed his skill and style of Liu He Men as he deepened his knowledge of martial arts. Wan Lai Sheng then constructed a ciriculum of Liu He Men forms which he felt was most for developing skills as a martial artist, so in this way, Wan Lai Sheng's Liu He Men cirriculum could be seen as the forming foundation for the study of martial arts. It was Wan Lai Sheng who once stated that "All Gong Fu requires understanding of the the six harmonies (Liu He). Without understanding it, your Gong Fu will not be solid."


Liu He Men practice generally consists of basic muscle and flexibility training, and follows with the study of select Shaolin Liu He Men form sets, and continues until the students can successfully apply the techniques in actual combat. There are many form sets in the Liu He Men system. Some of the more common ones include:


Standard Liu He Men Empty Hand Form Sets

  • Basic Fist Form

  • Liu He Form

  • Green Dragon Form

  • Black Tiger Form

  • Mother and Son Form

  • Two Man Fighting Form

  • Short Arhat Luo Han Form


Standard Liu He Men Weapon Form Sets

  • Basic Cudgel

  • Golden Phoenix Single Wing Saber

  • Nine States Cudgel

  • Eight Immortals Straight Sword

  • 24 Golden Spear

  • Hacking Forest

  • Double Straight Sword

  • Two Person Straight Sword

Liu He Men Ying Yong Form

Liu He Men Ying Yong Applications

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