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Zi Ran Men Training Locations


In the Tradition of Zi Ran Men, our schools continue to offer quality instruction

in regular classes, instructional courses, workshops, intensives and retreats.



Ziran Martial Arts was established in 2020 by Brij Parmar - senior student of Master Liu Deming and instructor of Zi Ran Men Kung Fu.


Brij taugh for the past eight years at  Richmond and is very proficient in weapons training, handling swords, spears, cudgel, knives and karambit etc, training extensively in Silat – a South East Asian martial art. In 2015 & 2019 he travelled to Brunei to participate in the first Brunein Martial Arts International Intensive Training Camp, where he had the opportunity to train under a number of highly respected Silat masters. Brij has now combined these Arts maintaining the same high standards established by Master Liu Deming. His new school offers classes for all skill levels and also private lessons.


Please see the web site for further details.


Five Elements Kung Fu Academy was established on the Victorian Surf Coast in 2013 by Shifu Adam Martin. It is the creation of a 25 year journey in the martial arts. The Academy has a direct link with Master Liu Deming's Zi Ran Men Kung Fu Academy in Melbourne.

Shifu Adam Martin has spent close to a decade training in Chinese Martial Arts directly under the legendary Master Liu Deming - 5th Generation Lineage Holder of the Zi Ran Men Tradition. "It is through Master Liu Deming's incredible skill and guidance that I am able to walk this path. I owe my career in the Chinese Martial Arts to him and his teachings. - Shifu Adam Martin".


For full details, please visit our web site:


The LiuHe-ZiRanMen Kungfu Academy follows the teachings of Master Liu Deming, 5th generation inheritor of the ZiRanMen lineage.


Classes are held under the guidance of head instructor: Dr Andrew Chambers.

The LiuHe-ZiRanMen Kungfu Academy focuses on the combination of LiuHeMen and ZiRanMen Kungfu, ZiRan Qigong and TaiChi.


Classes offered include:

  • Shaolin Kids Training (Ages 4-12)

  • ZiRan Qigong/TaiChi (All ages)

  • LiuHe-ZiRanMen Training (13-open)

  • LiuHe-ZiRanMen Sparring (Invitation only)


For full details, please visit our web site:
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