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Cheng Shi Bagua Zhang Resouces

Also known as 'Eight Trigram Boxing', Ba Gua Zhang is an internal style of Gong Fu (also, Kung Fu) training that is based upon circle walking and continuous 'palms changes' or techniques. Ba Gua focuses on the development of internal Qi as the primary method of cultivating power and is regarded as one of the highest forms Qi Gong (also, Chi Kung) training for maintaining and improving general health and well being.


The style of Ba Gua taught at our school is Cheng Shi Ba Gua Zhang. This style is derived from the famous practitioner Cheng Ting Hua. Master Liu is currently a student of Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru, a renowned expert of Cheng Shi Ba Gua Zhang from Cheng Ting Hua's lineage.


Ba Gua fighting techniques (palm changes) are based upon circular movements and the cultivation of so-called 'hidden power'. Traditional training involves repeated palm changes embedded within circle walking. Regular practice builds stamina and a strong, flexible body.


Ba Gua philosophy is based upon the I Ching (the Book of Changes). Each sequence of palm changes and qigong exercises in Cheng Shi Ba Gua attempts to reflect the eight essential energies and directions that the I Ching describes as forming our universe.


Ba Gua Zhang Forms and Qi Gong

Basic Eight Methods or Harmony Palms (Ba Mu Zhang)

Eight Big Palms (Ba Da Zhang)

Swimming Dragon Form

Nine Palaces Form

Ten Method Fighting Technique

64 Hands


Ba Gua Zhang Weapon Form Sets

Bagua Jian (Straight sword)

Bagua Deer Horn Knives

Ba Mu Zhang & Ba Da Zhang

Ba Da Zhang

Bagua Swimming Dragon

Bagua Applications

Bagua Zhang 10 Methods

Bagua Deer Horn Knives

Bagua Jian (Straight Sword)

Bagua 64 Hands

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