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Grandmaster Hong Zheng Fu


Grandmaster Hong Zheng Fu was born in Anfi province in 1923. He studied Luo Han boxing in his teens, before meeting Wan Lai Sheng in Fujian in the early 1930's. He and Wan would developed a lifelong friendship and love of the martial arts.


By the mid 1960's, Master Hong had become a Professor, Fujian Team Coach and Dean of sports at Fujian Physical Education Institute. He had already trained many National and International Champions. Hong's students had become masters and teachers in their own right, eventually producing champions such as Chen Si Tang and Gua Jia Min - the 'first lady of Tai Ji'.


Hong was recognized as the premier martial artist in Fujian province, accepting a post as Assistant Chairman of Fujian Martial Arts Organization. In 1992 he would inherit the Liu He Zi Ran Men lineage from Wan Lai Sheng.


Hong Zheng Fu dedicated his entire life to the study and practice of martial arts. He was known as a warm and gentle man and a diligent and patient teacher. He passed away in early July of 2000.

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