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Master Liu Deming honoured
as Vice President of the IKFF

Master Liu Deming inducted as honourary Vice President of the International Kung fu Federation.

Friendly envoy of the UN, vice-chairman of Chinese wushu association, chairman of international kung fu federation Mr.Fu Biao, met with Master Liu in Melbourne 26 August 2013. more

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'There is no beginning or end of movement,
There is no beginning or end of stillness, 
There is no beginning or end of change. 
Actual attack is hidden within fake attack, 
Movements are within stillness.'


There are many reasons why people choose to train martial arts. Whether it be for health, self-defence or spiritual nourishment, under Master Liu Deming and his dedicated, fully qualified and experienced Kungfu, Taichi and Qi Gong instructors, we will work side by side with you towards your goals.


We believe that our body is a palace where our life resides, Qi is what gives energy to life, its essence nourishes and sustains our being, spirit is the key that governs and controls life. Based on this belief,  training in Kung Fu, Tai chi and Qi Gong with passion, commitment and effort can greatly contribute toward a long healthy and enjoyable life.


Developing your body physically is not only healthy, but a path toward self-discipline, mindfulness and empowerment.

Fighting skills allow you to defend yourself, and increase your self-confidence. Self-awareness is also increased, allowing you to understand your strengths and limitations.


Our philosophy for martial training is to develop a frame of mind that seeks to avoid confrontation, minimise stress and develop strategies for dealing with everyday life.


Zi Ran Men is an art form that has been taught and passed down via the Zi Ran Men Martial Art lineage (Zi Ran Men is roughly translates to “Nature Boxing” or more literally, “Nature Gate”).   


Whilst the Zi Ran Men lineage is only 150 years old, it has its roots in other more ancient arts.  It also constitutes an art form that has been refined across a number of generations by numerous masters.  

Zi Ran Men is based on ancient Taoist philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and, most importantly, the philosophy of 'One and Zero'. It combines physical training, Qigong (also, Chi Kung), meditation and combat techniques.


Through training, Zi Ran Men enhances the spirit of the mind, regulates the circulation of Qi (also, Chi) and develops physical sensitivity.


Although Zi Ran Men Kung Fu is a relatively young art (compared to some other kung fu style) founded during Qing Dynasty, it has been responsible for some of the most highly regarded martial arts masters in its history.   Three of these masters are Dwarf Xu 徐矮子, Du Xin Wu 杜心武 , and Wan Lai Sheng 万籁声.

Zi Ran Men strips away unnecessary material and develops only the "core".  It has a rich tradition in China and is the style that lies at the foundation of modern San Shou competition fighting. Through its practice a practitioner will find a “Gateway to Understanding Nature”.  


Gong fu

Tai Chi

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