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Tranquility Meditation

The philosophy of Tao is to nourish our daily life. Ziran Qigong, through its Taoist tranquility meditation can develop inner peace and strength to help deal with day to day stress and lead us to a deeper relationship with ourselves in the understanding that all things are one. In identifying ourselves with this concept of unity; irrespective of all the turbulence and changes of the world, we become supple in the knowing that our existence will eternally endure.

In this meditation we focus on opening and releasing the emotions and tension from the two main channels of qi energy in the body, in particular, the three Dantian in the Ren Mai (Conception vessel) and Three Gates in the Du Mai (Governing Vessel).

Opening and regulating the Conception and Governing Vessels is a priority in this Tranquility Meditation. Along these vessels, one should draw the Yang Qi and Yin Qi up and down his or her body, fusing the Water and Fire energies together. This fusion facilitates a Yin and Yang balance throughout the body dissolving duality. This practicing is called microcosmic orbit or small heavenly orbit.

Ziran Qigong Tranquility Meditation

  • Ziran Qigong Tranquility Meditation DVD
    Approximate running time: 51 minutes

    AUD$39.95 plus postage and handling (AUD$8)
  • Due to the high cost of international freight, this DVD no longer ships outside of Australia. We will explore making this title available through digital download.

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