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Yang Jin Xi Sui Gong
Joint Nourishing & Bone Marrow Washing Method (Convert your Essence into Qi)

This type of form is also known as 'Dao Ying' (stretching the guiding). According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, if our body's Qi and Blood are not accordant with its own nature harmony and balance, this will cause our body's Qi to stagnate, thus opening the body to illness. We should smooth out and harmonize our wu zhi (five emotions) daily, to allow our body's Qi and Blood to circulate smoothly in order to prevent illness and keep a healthy life.

'Dao Ying' works more intensely to cleanse and stretch the tendons and muscles. Through its movements of intensive expansion and relaxing, it is able to stimulate Qi in the meridians more efficiently. Improved Qi and Blood flow serve to nourish the organs and bone marrow, with the tendons becoming softer and more supple. Experience finds that this form is great for improving our systems abilities to change. Training our nervous system enables one to improve concentration and clean up unnecessary distracting thought, thus bringing the body into great harmony.

As training progresses, the practitioner will find this form is great for freeing the joints, helping to prevent and overcome symptoms of arthritis. Practitioners will also experience greater internal 'space' and flexibility. Once the mind and body are reconnected and start to re-communicate, there is an awaking and the healing process may begin.

Ziran Qigong Level 2

  • Ziran Qigong Level 2* DVD
    Approximate running time: 46 minutes

    AUD$39.95 plus postage and handling (AUD$8)

    * Note: the Qigong level does not mean you need to learn one before another. You can practice these techniques in the order that matches your need and Qigong experience. Level 2 can be fine before level 1.
  • Due to the high cost of international freight, this DVD no longer ships outside of Australia. We will explore making this title available through digital download.

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