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Shu Jin Qing Jing Gong
Tendon & Meridian Cleansing Method (Convert your Essence into Qi)

This type of form in traditional Chinese is known as 'An Qiao' (massage and stretching). During this stage the practitioner will undertake exercises involving gentle movement of stretch and cleanse the body's tendons and energy meridians, stimulating the circulation of the Qi and blood and causing the muscles and joints to relax.

The goal of stage one is to obtain a state of meditative relaxation through movement and to move in such a manner that their entire body feels as if it is 'interconnected'. As the practitioner becomes more efficient at relaxed interconnected movement, they enter the meditative emotional state required for such movement. They most likely also feel subtle physiological sensations, such as increased blood flow to the palms or feet, or a tingling sensation along meridians. This is known as 'floating' the Qi. When the practitioner reaches this stage they will also notice that certain parts of their body will feel 'blocked' at certain points and that the Qi can not move freely there. It is through this practice that the Qigong practitioner can then identify areas of 'carried' emotional stress, and therefore will have achieved recognition.

As training progresses, the practitioner will learn to release this physical and emotional tension as well as to unblock Qi blockages within the body and let Qi flow.

Ziran Qigong Level 1

  • Ziran Qigong Level 1* DVD
    Approximate running time: 43 minutes

    AUD$39.95 plus postage and handling (AUD$8)

    * Note: the Qigong level does not mean you need to learn one before another. You can practice these techniques in the order that matches your need and Qigong experience. Level 2 can be fine before level 1.
  • Due to the high cost of international freight, this DVD no longer ships outside of Australia. We will explore making this title available through digital download.

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