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Wu Xing Qigong
Five Element Qigong (Convert your Qi into Spirit)

This type of form is known as 'Tu Na' (breath method), which also means to focus in expelling the stale energy while rejuvenating the fresh energy. Taoists believe that there are five basic energies or elements which make up the universe. These are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. These five elements are also found within the human body and relate to specific organs.

Through regular practice of the movements with your mind focused on the breath and meridian points, Five Element Qigong works to balance and purify these five Organs and six 'Fu'. By building up with a great Qi flow, one strengthens their 'Yuan Qi', which further prevents the buildup of negative Qi and disease.

During practice, the practitioner's mind should be in state of meditation. When your 'Yi' (your 'will') concentrates in different meridians, this will help you to clean up the emotions which affect your organs and 'Fu's' functions, such as grief, fear, anger, anxiety and worry. By detoxing and keeping your five elements in great balance, you will greatly enhance your heath and vitality.

Ziran Five Element Qigong

  • Ziran Five Element Qigong DVD
    Approximate running time: 32 minutes

    AUD$39.95 plus postage and handling (AUD$8)
  • Due to the high cost of international freight, this DVD no longer ships outside of Australia. We will explore making this title available through digital download.

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