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The Small Liu He Form (also known as Ying Yong Quan) from the Shaolin Liu He Men system.

Shaolin Liu He (Six Harmony Kung Fu) combines soft with hard and internet with external techniques. Liu He is based in the theory of six combinations, internally cultivate energy, essence and spirit - externally cultivate hands, eyes and body.

The purpose of this training is to develop an idea state of health, to protect the body's energy and master self defence and retaliation. This leads to a superior level of martial arts skill, total freedom of defence, a healthy body and a long life.

Liu Hi movement is firm, forceful, steady and accurate. The head moves like an inquisitive ghost, the chest sinks in defence and extends in attack. The body floats, sinks and soars - jumps like a cat, dodges like a dog, rolls like a rabbit and turns like an eagle.

Zi Ran Men Small Liu He

  • Zi Ran Men Small Liu He DVD
    Contains detail description of the form plus applications.
    Approximate running time: 24 minutes

    AUD$39.95 plus postage and handling (AUD$8)
  • Due to the high cost of international freight, this DVD no longer ships outside of Australia. We will explore making this title available through digital download.

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