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Zi Ran Men Links

Master Liu Deming's Ziran Qigong website.

The Shaolin Temple Wu Shu Training Centre – Australian Representative Office is the official Australian representative of the Shaolin Temple Wu Shu Training Centre in Shaolin, China. The Training Centre is located just 500 metres east of the world famous Song Shan Shaolin Temple.

Website of Master Liu's first disciple student Shifu Le Le Wang-Burns.

Instructor Chris Bates website of Ziran Quan and Ziran Qigong.

Instructor Abby Lee's website for natural therapies and qigong.

A great website from Zi Ran Men practioners in New York City, United States. Contains a wealth of additional information and articles on the practice and history of Zi Ran Men Kung Fu.

Instructor Brooke Allen's centre for Massage, Shiatsu and Qigong in Hobart

Liang Chao Qun’s Ziranmen School in Paris, France.

Jarek's Martial Arts pages. An insightful look from a foreigner living and training in internal martial arts in China. Contains a great wealth of information on Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan and Tai Ji Quan, as well as some other, rarer, internal art styles. Includes articles from Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru.

Self-protection, CQC & Edged Weapon Threat Management instructed by RAW Combat International's Australian Representative Adam Martin.

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