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Ziran Kung Fu Academy Instructors

The Ziran Kung Fu Academy offers training in a variety of martial arts catering to a large range of ages and skill sets. The Academy has dedicated, fully qualified 
and experienced instructors to teach and assist in improving students skills to 

continually advance them to higher levels in a safe and supportive environment.

Brij Parmar

Kung Fu Senior Instructor

Brij is an instructor of Zi Ran Men Kung Fu and a senior student of Master Liu Deming. He has also trained in China at the Shaolin Chan Wu Yi Academy and with various renowned Kung Fu masters including Master Wu Nanfang and Master Han Yanwu. 


Brij has been teaching Qi Gong and Kung Fu for the past five years. He has taught for many renowned educational institutes and has organised a number of workshops, both in Australia and overseas. He is very proficient in weapons training and has experience handling swords, spears, cudgel, knives and karambit etc. He has also trained extensively in Silat – a South East Asian martial art. In 2015 he travelled to Brunei to participate in the first Brunein Martial Arts International Intensive Training Camp, where he had the opportunity to train in various systems under a number of highly respected Silat masters. 


Brij is interested in teaching and sharing his knowledge of and passion for martial arts. 

He is very active in his own training, and works hard to continually upgrade his own knowledge by exploring new lines of study. He has studied Shivananda yoga and philosophy for over a decade, and is an accomplished Indian Classical musician.

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Ralph Spethmann

Ziran Qigong Senior Instructor

TaiJi Quan Senior Instructor

Ralph is a senior student of Master Liu Deming training in Zi Ran Men Kung Fu, TaiJi Quan, Cheng Shi Bagua Zhang and Ziran Qigong.


Ralph is a sixth generation lineage disciple of Master Liu Deming, certified Ziran Qigong Master Instructor and certified TaiJi Quan Instructor


Previously Ralph studied at the Wu De Hui Martial Arts Academy ATCM (Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine) founded by Professor Wong Lun in the disciplines of Wu Gong (Chinese holistic martial arts), TaiJi Quan, Tui Shou (push hands), Bing Qi (sword and knife weapons training), Dao Zuo (meditation training), Tang Shou (original Chinese form of Karate) and Judo.


Throughout this period Ralph also regularly practiced yoga to improve his wellbeing. With the closure of ATCM and the retirement of Professor Wong Lun, 


After many years experiencing the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and through his personal study of Chinese philosophy, Ralph is now in a unique position to support the journey of others.

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