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Qigong (Chi Kung) is the Chinese discipline devoted to the development of understanding, awareness and harmonizing of one’s mind, body, qi (chi) and spirit. It plays a strong part in Chan Buddhism (Zen) and Daoist philosophy, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Martial Arts.


Qigong practice involves rhythmic breathing, coordinated with slow stylized repetitions of fluid movements and a calm mindful state. From a philosophical perspective Qigong is believed to help develop human potential, allowing accessto higher realms of awareness, awakening one’s true nature.



Ziranmen training can be divided into three components : Physical Training, Combat Techniques and Conditioning. These three components combine for one purpose, which is to enhance the health of body and mind.


The Ziranmen Kung Fu program involves training the traditional methods of movement, stance, application, and stretching passed down through the Zi Ran Men lineage in addition to taolu and applications from Cheng Shi Bagua Zhang, Shaolin Liu He Men, Xing Yi Quan and Liu He Tang Lang.



Taiji Quan (also known as Tai Chi) is the most widely practiced martial art in the world. Famous for its ability to enhance health and relaxation, it was invented by Taoist philosophers who noticed that in nature, softness often overcomes hardness. Accordingly, they invented an art based on yielding and neutralizing an opponent's force. The slow, circular movements of Taiji strengthen all parts of the body and improve flexibility, coordination and balance.

When can I attend my first class?

New students can simply attend any one of the scheduled sessions and make yourself known to the instructor before joining in. Then after evaluating the training session, consult with your instructor as to whether the training is right for you - obligation free. This evaluation excludes set courses or workshops.


What do I need to wear / bring?

Wear light comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear (ie. runners / trainers), hydration.


Where is the training location?

We are located at Melbourne Girls College, Yarra Boulevard in Richmond 3121 (See map below). Training takes place in the performing arts centre located at the rear of the main complex. There is ample street parking available.


How much are the training fees?

Your first class is free. After that you can join classes at the following rates:

• 1 Class per week $80 per month

• 2 Classes per week $110 per month

• 3 Classes per week $150 per month

Fees are to be paid at the start of each period for the period ahead.
Missed classes can be made up at any one of the sessions throughout that same period.

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