About Shaolin.Life

We come from all around the world, and we represent three different generations. We have very different backgrounds, interests, and careers. However, we share a passion.

We want to inspire you to become fitter, healthier, more attentive, and to feel more balanced in your life, and we want to do this by sharing our, and others', quite varied experiences of Shaolin Gong Fu. We also want to encourage you to visit the Shaolin district in China.

There is a profound wisdom there, refined over 1,500 years.

So we've come together to create Shaolin.Life, in the hope that we can bring more of the world to Shaolin, and a little more of Shaolin, to you".

Creators of this site include: David Burns, Jiao Bin, Le Le Wang-Burns, Karl Braganza, Chris Bates and Jacob Beye. Sign up and receive new articles as they are published.


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Fairfield    |   St Andrews Uniting Church, 85 Gillies Street Fairfield

Torquay    |    5 Elements Kung Fu Academy, 1 Merrijig Drive, Level 1 Grant Pavilion, Torquay

South Yarra    |    LiuHe-ZiRanMen Kungfu Academy, 30 Fitzgerald Street, South Yarra 

Kew    |   Habitat Uniting Church, 23 Highbury Grove Kew

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